Semalt: 2020 SEO Trends You Should Know Of

No doubt, 2020 has been a challenging year for most. With the coronavirus on our tail, many businesses are at the point of collapse. But not Semalt, and this is because every situation can become an opportunity. Luckily for the website, the coronavirus has forced many things to move online. You see, a disruption, website, and online stores see this as an opportunity. 

So our question is, would you rather be the person who makes excellent use of this high influx of internet traffic, or would you sit back and cry? 

If you decide to make the most of this hard situation, you will need to know the Semalt 2020 trends that will change your website for the best.

Sit back and relax as you let Semalt change your life and that of your website users. Today, everyone is bored; we've been confined to our homes, away from our friends, and many things we consider fun. As a result, almost everyone is on the internet these days. This posses an opportunity for websites to get these increasing numbers of internet users to your sites. This means there is a chance for the growth of traffic to your website along sides an improvement in your website rankings. This is one unfortunate opportunity you're likely never going to get again. 

So how do you benefit from this?

The simple answer is to get in business with Semalt. Semalt is a web analysis/ web development company that focuses on getting websites like yours to the first page. We have several packages and services that ensure you reduce cost and increase your overall revenue. 

As experts, we rely on a bunch of strategies to get your website to the first page. But we also have our interests in new and innovative methods. As the saying goes, the earliest birds get the biggest worms. Figuring out futuristic improvements on SEO trends means your website is the first to harness these trends. In the internet world, everything is a race, you are either on the first page, or your website is as good as invisible. To avoid this, we need to stay ahead as your website management company. To do this, here are some of the SEO trends for 2020.

SEO trends for 2020

Mobile and voice search 

Voice search is becoming a big part of how users search for information today. With a generation that's looking for faster and less stressful ways to get around obstacles, you shouldn't be surprised that over 20% of phone users already prefer using the voice search option. It shouldn't be considered a trend anymore but our reality.  

Today, we have screenless devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo, which will dictate only one search result for a user. If your website isn't focused on visibility and just blue links, it won't receive visibility in the voice search.

For voice searches on devices with screens, Google still dictates the option it thinks is best but still shows other results that have blue links. Relying on this alone isn't still sufficient because many times, the user prefers to sit back and listen before considering any other result that comes up. 

Semantic search and internet optimization: 

Years ago, Google decided to move away from exact keyword matching. This was to help both the user and the websites, but somehow websites are still slow to keep up. These days, Google doesn't use the exact strings of words that are inputted by the user. Instead, it focuses on query context and analyzes the possible search intent. This way, users see what they want to see regardless of what they inputted. 

In the pic below, you'll see that the word in the search column is misspelt. However, the search results are accurate; this is because of what we just explained above.

This tells us that Google has a good understanding of its searcher interests, and if your website still focuses on the old school content creation method that uses single keyword strings, you will be left in the dust. 

Quality Structured Data 

These are the arrangement of the contents on a website properly. Semalt helps your website by putting the right things in the right places. This enables your visitors and search engine crawlers to navigate freely. This feature can be the last element you're missing when you try to get your website ranked. But no matter how high your SEO keywords are, it won't be easy to find if your website isn't structured correctly. 

Over the years, Semalt has worked with many clients and websites. Through these years, it has become common to find websites that make fantastic use of SEO keywords. But these websites never get any traffic or clicks, which becomes a severe problem for their owners. 

When you take away a website's colors, font styles, and graphics, all you're left with is the structure.

Google's algorithm collects information from searches and uses this data to rank your site. How it functions is that if a user finds your site, SERP or your search engines monitor how long these users stay on the site. A well-structured website makes the visitor stay longer on the site where a poorly structured site makes the reader leave. 

Other factors, like the bounce rate, also matters when considering the site structure. A good site structure can reduce the bounce rate, and your reader's dwell time. When you combine these two factors, your website automatically gets ranked. 

SERP marketing and content diversification

For years now, Google has been working on becoming a destination and not just a discovery project. This vision is made possible with a knowledge graph, quicker answers, interactive and visual results. This means that Google wants to be able to serve every user by creating as many methods for search as possible. These vision also plans on giving a comprehensive answer to any query. 
If you decide to search for anything on Google today, you're going to come across some of the most detailed and straightforward answers possible. Imagine you want to travel to the White House if you input that on Google, you will see:
  • Knowledge graph. This includes the history of the white house, directions to the white house, and other relevant information about it.  
  • Related videos. This searching element provides an interactive section where you can scroll through to see more videos.
  • People also ask result box. This is also an interactive box. It comes with questions other researchers have asked, and you can check out the answers to each question.
  • The visual result includes similar destinations, related searches, and more.
  • And finally, the organic texts which you can read through. 
This is where SERP marketing comes into play. 2020 SEO trends mean you stop focusing on only your text. Rather you begin to pay attention to optimizing your SEO through images, videos, and the quick answer section. 

On the Semalt website, we have an article dedicated to explaining the benefits of using images and videos to boost your SEO performance. This shows we are already in the future. Today, we may search for a specific topic or question, but there isn't an answer on the internet. In such times, we find ourselves scrolling towards the people also ask section. When we scan through, we find our exact question or something close enough with a relevant answer below it. 

Clicking on that answer to get more information automatically takes you to a website. That is how useful answering questions in the quick answer section can be to your website. 

The use of AI

AI has become a very important part of our lives. Today, we use it in almost everything we do. In fact, it's all thanks to AI that Google can predict users searches so it's only wise you take advantage of this technology. You can use AI in your website to improve your SEO significantly. AIs can help you find leading keywords you can add to your web content to increase the number of clicks you have. AI is also used for web analysis which is important in figuring out what could be wrong with your website. By knowing what's wrong, it's easier for us to fix it and get your website back on the first page. 

As a company, Semalt already exploits the benefits of these features. This is why the websites we build already have a place on Google's first page. However, we also run website analysis and repair so if you already have a website and you want these features in it, our team is willing to fix your website. 

With our preexisting track record of excellence and our years of experience, you will go home confident that in a little while, your website will be on the first page, giving your competition a reason to stay up at night. 

What are you still waiting for, head on and create an account and watch us work wonders on your site. 

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